A nation divided: Events across America plagued with violence R.C. Maxwell | OW Contributor | 8/31/2017,

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The scene of violence in Berkeley over the past weekend was one all too familiar for Americans who have frequented the kinds of political rallies we’ve seen across the country since the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump. Thirteen people were arrested in Berkeley following brawls and unrest over what thousands of counter protesters deemed hate Read More

Trudeau Says Christianity Is An Insult To Muslims

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Trudeau Says Christianity Is An Insult To Muslims Published on June 19, 2017 in Canada by Staff More than 30,000 refugees brought to Canada in a high speed rush without being vetted by prime minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau has shown his true nature towards the Muslim community, he true pro nature, has also shown his Read More

ALERT: Antifa Leader Sends Terrifying Order To Protesters by christiannewsalerts. August 30, 2017

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(Christian News Alerts) – The violence in Charlottesville, Virginia occurred just two weeks ago, and a week later, intense violent protests broke out in Boston, Massachusetts. Now, another group of so-called anti-fascists planned for an attack at Berkeley this past weekend. This particular arm of Antifa is led in part by a woman named Yvette Felarca. The group, Read More

White Supremacist Scum Beat Black Man in Charlotte Riots

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  This kind of white trash scum needs to be called out and it is which is good we all agree on what needs be done with white racists. We here at newswarsonline condemn violence, were glad that the young man was not hurt any worse than he was and happy he is recovering and Read More

White House Petition: Public Must Demand Release of Hillary’s Records By Dan Lyman | Infowars.com Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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The FBI is guarding records on Hillary Clinton, rejecting a Freedom of Information Act request by attorney Ty Clevenger, citing a “lack of public interest” as basis for denial, which has prompted the initiation of a White House petition to prove otherwise. The petition can be found HERE and reads as follows: “Compel The F.B.I. Read More

Russia orders MASS EVACUATION over North Korea missile launch By Joshua Nevett Published 29th August 2017

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RUSSIA has dramatically relocated 1,500 people from its border with North Korea after Kim Jong-un’s latest missile launch, it was reported today. Russian civil defence officials were reportedly ordered to shift residents in the country’s far east to “safe areas” in a extraordinary move amid fears of a worldwide conflict.North Korea angered the international community Read More

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